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Dr. Tanushree Shastri is a Best and top Tantra Sadhika in Kolkata. She has helped to know why they get into problems and how they can make their life to go better without any troubles. Dr. Tanushree Shastri wants every person to use astrology and keep everything better for him or her. She is here to help every

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Kundali Dosh

Kundali Dosh in astrology is a combination of malefic planets that tries to oppose the happenings of positive things in horoscope. There are a number of Dosh that can cast their negative effects on the native causing various life problems. To reduce these, proper karma correction is required. 

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Palmistry is an effective technique to study the features of your palm to predict your future. Numerous methods of palmistry are in use all over the world, and the techniques used for it have also evolved throughout the ages. However, it has been found that palmistry, when done correctly, has a relatively high level of

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Vastu Shastra Consultant

Dr. Tanushree Shastri: A Top Vastu Consultant In Kolkata Dr. Tanushree Shastriis a multitalented & multifaceted personality, an expert in providing accurate Vastu solutions to homes, offices, corporate and retailers to bring them prosperity. Her remarkable service has been praised by customers. Her skills in Vastu have benefited a number of people in Kolkata. The motto of

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